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Support Groups: The Reciprocity of Connection

Power of Human Connection

There's an undeniable power in reciprocal connections. As human beings, we're a kaleidoscope of emotions - happiness, sorrow, loneliness, and more. Sometimes, these feelings are a result of our interactions with the world around us.

The Reciprocal Process of Support in Community Building

The concept of support extends far beyond just the simple act of seeking assistance – it's a reciprocal process that involves both giving and receiving. It's about fostering a nurturing environment and building a community where individuals are not only allowed but actively encouraged to heal, to share their experiences, and to show vulnerability. When we make the decision to join a support group, our initial intention might be to seek help for our own issues. However, as we become a part of that community, we often find ourselves in the position of offering support to others as well, sharing our own experiences and strengths. This two-way exchange of support is what truly defines a community and makes it a powerful tool for healing and growth.


Support groups, especially for the Trans, Non-Binary, and Gender Questioning community, provide a unique opportunity for individuals to connect over shared experiences. Here are three reasons, as highlighted by Psychology Today, why support groups are highly therapeutic:

  1. They make you feel part of a larger, accepting community.
  2. They empower you with a sense of relational vitality through mutual support.
  3. They allow you to feel part of a bigger whole, tapping into our innate need for interconnectedness (Levine, 2023).

Interested in Joining a Support Group?

Joining a support group is a journey of self-discovery and empowerment. As we share our stories, we grow stronger and more empowered, lighting the way for others. You're always welcome to join us every Thursday at 7p and discover the transformative power of support.

Contact Us to Get Started

Our clinical Intern, Bobby, is happy to add you to their growing list of other Trans and NB Folx gathering on Thursdays. Click here to get started: Trans, Non-Binary, Gender Questioning Support Group