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A Virtual Tour of a Neurodivergent, Queer Therapy Office


Are you tired of the standard sterile and clinical look of therapy offices? Do you crave an environment that feels welcoming and accepting, especially if you identify as neurodivergent or queer? Look no further! Today, I’m taking you on a virtual tour of my own therapy office, which was designed with your comfort and needs in mind.


When you step into my therapy office, based in Bloomington, MN,  you will notice a warm and cozy atmosphere that should be quite comforting for the eyes. The lighting in my office is filled with natural light or can be made soft and dim with LEDs, which creates a sense of calm and relaxation.

Sensory Tools Available

In addition to this, I have an abundance of sensory objects and tools available in my office. If you are neurodivergent, you might benefit from tactile or visual stimuli, which can help you feel more grounded and comfortable during your session. I provide various fidget toys, squishy balls, textured items including a collection of books that cater to various visual modes of communication.

All Are Welcome

As a queer therapist who wants my clients to feel safe and included irrespective of their gender identity or sexual orientation, I have ensured that my office is welcoming for everyone. There is a pride flag on display along with books related to LGBTQ+ issues. There are gender-neutral bathrooms as well as asking for clients’ preferred names and pronouns so that they feel respected.

Nature Centered in the Heart of the Building

One final design element that really sets my office apart is the large window overlooking an atrium filled with live plants which has proven able to soothe minds and reduce stress levels naturally. During the sessions, clients can enjoy stunning views and reconnect to nature to soothe them through process internal difficulties.

Let's work together!