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Neurodivergent Affirming Therapy

Our therapy works with and adapts to your neurodivergent brain, not like other therapy that expects you to conform to neurotypical norms. We believe that neurodivergent brains deserve to be celebrated and reject the idea you to mask to succeed in the world.

Neurodiversity is Real

Have you ever felt like the way you communicate is different than most, making it difficult to build and maintain relationships?

Do you find you need much more or far less stimulation than your peers for daily functioning?

Have you been previously taught that you needed to mask what was comforting, exciting, or authentic to you?

Do you already know you are neurodivergent and simply want a therapist who gets it?

Transform Psychotherapy can help

We can teach many skills for self soothing and emotional regulation, rooted in Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT) along with Mindfulness and Trauma-informed practices specifically adapted for Neurodivergent brains

At Transform Psychotherapy, we explore what your lived experience is as a neurodivergent human and celebrate your strengths and also navigate areas where you may want to grow (and not because you think you “should” conform to neurotypical norms, trust us this will backfire!)

We also recognize that there is a large over lap of those who are LGBTQ+ and have Neurodivergent brains, sometimes known as Neuroqueer,  which can leave many feeling overwhelmed by these multiple, marginalized identities.

Let’s explore together and learn how we can collaborate to carve out the path to making you the best you, you can be.

Let's work together!